How To Hold A Real Estate Open House

Open houses can be a valuable way to find who’s interested in your property. The idea of an open house is to show off your home to potential buyer to entice them to buy is one of the first steps to find the buyer who wants your home. There are basic steps to throwing an open house to get you closer to a sale.

Do some homework. If you are on your own, take some time to look at other homes like yours in the neighborhood that are for sale. What are they doing to make their home appealing? Go to a few open houses to see your competition and then take it one step farther and make sure yours outshine the others.

It’s good to know the purpose of an open house. What it will do is give you excellent feedback about your own property from actual people who are looking to buy. It also opens the doors to those who want to make an offer and the possibility of someone who is willing to buy your home.

First thing to do is make the home look its absolute best. When a car pulls up or someone walks up your driveway, the first thing they see is the yard and front of the house. Make it shine! Get rid of any clutter, repaint the front door if it needs it and make sure the entryway is clean and almost perfect. If a driveway has seen its better days, have it resealed or do it yourself, but make it look like you care about the property enough to take care of it’s needs. It’s the first thing a potential buyer will notice.

Before the open house, get rid of any valuables. Lock them up because you will have strangers walking through. Bank information, checks, whatever you have to secure, do it before the opening. A smart rule of thumb is to give a tour of your home instead of letting everyone run wild. A friend or family member could greet those who come in the door while you show the home.

Get rid of the kids! I don’t mean forever, but for an open house, children can be too distracting. You want the buyers to focus on the property and not cute little ones. Sometimes kids can also tell tales and things that you don’t want a potential buyer to know. For instance, if the puppy had a bad day and pooped in a corner of the room. That’s not something to tell a buyer.

Make sure you advertise to get the buyers in, let your neighbors so they won’t be upset and print out some flyers to distribute. You want to let everyone you can know the home is for sale.

Make sure you have agreements handy in case someone wants to put in an agreement on the spot. A sign in sheet may be excellent to follow up but if the buyer isn’t interested, let them go and move on to the next phase.

Last but not least, relax. Have fun and show the potential buyers your house is a home and it’s a relaxing, lovely place to be.